No running in the snow

12 Jan

Five inches of relatively fresh snow puts an outdoor training run on hold (the treadmill? – I’m not feeling it, today). Why even consider a January run? Well, because this is summer race selection season. What to do, or do again? Here are my favorite events thus far:


  1. Grandma’s Marathon (Duluth, Minnesota), best organized, beautiful course.
  2. Country Music Marathon (Nashville, Tennessee), great entertainment at every milepost.
  3. River Bank Run (Grand Rapids, Michigan), though this 25K is definitely not a marathon, it has become a regular spring trainer.
  4. Air Force Marathon (Dayton, Ohio), the buzz (literally) of Wright Patterson base aircraft keeps your head on a swivel.
  5. Free Press Marathon (Detroit, Michigan), my hometown course – tunnel, bridge, and island – plenty of bells and whistles.
  6. Rock and Roll Marathon (Cleveland, Ohio), supposedly a Rock N’ Roll marathon. Little live rock, big on stereo speakers at each mile marker.
  7. Glass City Marathon (Toledo, Ohio), almost guaranteed to rain, or hail, or rain hail, etc.
  8. Run Thru Hell (Hell, Michigan), only 10 miles of up and down dirt roads, but this early August run is a springboard to your favorite fall event.
  9. Dragonboat races (Toledo, Ohio), two nights of training on the Maumee River and then a full day of racing feels like a marathon.
  10. MS Bike to the Bay (Maumee to Port Clinton, Ohio), 75 miles there, and 75 miles back, unless you make a wrong turn.


I can’t decide at the moment – not feeling it. We’ll just start an 18-week training schedule and see what appeals toward the beginning of February.



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