Easier delivery and blog assessment

27 Jan

Imagine deploying 330,000 young people to communicate your message.

You could produce and circulate 330,000 print products – daily – and then sit back and wait and wonder about the effect. Or you could potentially facilitate and nurture 330,000 conversations. Ongoing conversations. Conversations that had a second life unlike a tossed print product. Conversation that could by monitored, adjusted, sourced and improved on the fly.

When David Meerman Scott highlighted Capt. Faggard and his Air Force Emerging Technology team recently, I was staggered by the volume of this communications idea.

Faggard’s Air Force Blog Assessment chart used by Air Force personnel is a template for a constantly improved daily briefing on all things Air Force.

In news organizations, there are rarely enough opportunities allowed to actively assess responses to each piece of content generated in print and web. There is plenty said about some particular stories, but this conversation happens well outside the organization’s walls on other local blogs and industry sites.

Blog assessment would be a fantastic tool for a news organization to use even with scant resources. What a great way to keep that churn of information inbound as well allowing reporters and editors insight to follow-up.

As valuable as blog assessment might be, the circulation figure still reigns supreme for many print companies.


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