Dead trees in the hallway

23 Feb

Do you hear the trees scream?

Do you hear the trees scream?

So I have to wait two to three days to respond to that editorial or news story that set me off. That’s if the editorial staff selects my typed, stamped and mailed letter for publication. That’s fine, I’ve moved on.


I see dead people. No, I see gaps, and bias, but there is nothing I can do with this finished product to improve the situation.


The moment my print section comes off the press it is a commemorative edition. No further details are available. That hurricane in the Atlantic – frozen in time. The swirling suspense ticking down at the site of the mine collapse – get back to us tomorrow for an update. Tragic natural disaster in Asia – the print info graphic may supplement the Twitter track, Flickr galleries, and blog updates. Bind it, add a dust cover and I’ll wrap it up for Christmas.


The print edition is a supplement. When it accepts its role, it can thrill and inspire like a sharp point. Currently, it sits in the lobby with the Yellow Pages.


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