Look at the beauty still around you

25 Feb

It is a difficult time to gain perspective.



With a hyper flow of negative news, we lurch from one point to the next trying to stay above the torrent.


There is stress buried within comments made online – the false bravado, the flippancy, the sarcasm that belies lifestyles untethered from foundations.


Johnny Cyreous contemplates Anne Frank’s situation and her quote: “Look at all the beauty still around you and be happy.”


Yes, it is a good time to be alive while possessing the opportunity to share information and help others make sense of this chaotic transition. More conversation and information exists than at any time in history. This unending stream of solutions and affirmations is a blessing.


There is another quote that goes, “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” “Be kinder than necessary” are the words that jump out at me there. You see in this battle that exists inside ourselves to grow, to mature, we often dole out kindness, and love, in measures that we deem as fair, as if there were a shortage of these behaviors or a given amount we need worry about less we run out. No – kindness is always in plentiful supply for us to use if we just want to.


There are peaks and valleys to personal and collective misfortune. We are very shortsighted when focusing on such small blocks of time. This time shall pass and we will be left with traces of ideas to ponder when beauty is again amplified.


Make each word count.




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