How did FDR use social media?

26 Feb

LIFE 1938 - Deja Vu?

LIFE 1938 - Deja Vu?

America listens in this April 25, 1938 LIFE magazine feature on President Roosevelt’s fireside chat on government “pump-priming” and credit inflation to break the Depression. This direct radio appeal over the heads of Congress was probably heard by up to 80 million Americans during the live broadcast.


Fascinating comments from a variety of Americans, some holding to the idea of “selfish millionaires” who won’t cooperate with the government and some to the idea of that the government can’t go on indefinitely spending more money than it takes in.


Consider the eerie similarities with the current situation faced by President Barack Obama.


An added bonus is a photo of a radio broadcast schedule showing the President’s speech preempting broadcasts of the Duke Ellington and Sammy Kaye orchestras.


This relic is from the archives of Toledo’s Donald Pinciotti.



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