Auto-generated text or 100 monkeys on keyboards

4 Mar

I was searching for the Islanders game story and I found this?

I was searching for the Islanders game story and I found this?


Whathamajiggle was that?


Do you tilt your head slightly and sniff like a kitten when coming upon auto-generated text. You enter that odd contextual no-mans-land that prompts you to grasp for the stable dock of the clearly-written Google AdSense rack.


See how they get you.


The goal of targeted text with highlighted keywords honors King Content. Build that landing page and they will come.


But a search engine optimization program that creates “coherent” autogenerated text to highlight those targeted keywords generates grammatical roadkill.


I strongly dislike spam blogs. But splogs, artificially created sites to promote affiliated websites and increase search engine rankings, are like bad drivers that share the road. If PageRank, backlink portfolio, artificially inflated paid ad impressions and maintaining a link outlet to get new sites indexed are your goal – godspeed.


Are automatic content generators and their scraping, Thesaurus substitution and Markov chains effective? Here’s one experiment that suggests no.


Do you enjoy goofy corporate site cadence to monotonectally simplify next-generation innovation after distributing your sources, and then credibly initiate client-centered e-business without cross functional e-business then monotonectally generating resource-leveling process improvements before mission-critical quality vectors.


Does text spam have its uses? You could create architecture, or textual architecture in Latin.


But keyword, meta tag, CSS and comment stuffing share the road until huge scraper sites are dumped and banished to supplemental results.


Keep writing clearly about things that are interesting.



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