Share more content and watch your ideas spread

30 Apr


Sylvania Northview Theatre production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Sylvania Northview Theatre production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Add to the challenge of running five consecutive theatre performances one more performance – a free performance for students. Will this subtract from the upcoming weekend gate or flood the box office with ticket requests?



Fill the theater with freshman and students taking special literature and history classes and let word-of-mouth happen.


Pre-sales for a dramatic play – The Diary of Anne Frank – were moderate as expected. But the word-of-mouth from the free performance generated next day sales. Actors and theater boosters noticed students that attended the free event buying tickets for the evening performance; some were joined by additional friends and family members.


Why does giving away content become good strategy?

1. Buyers like to kick the tires.

2. It is another opportunity to showcase your expertise.


The Grateful Dead is a classic case study in contrarian marketing. Encourage a lot of sharing, but then offer even more content including premium services. This strategy has sustained the group for quite a few years.


Give one free, gripping and dramatic performance to generate a passionate fan base. Multiply the people telling your story. Step back and watch them spread your ideas.


Have you experienced the magic of free content and word-of-mouth distribution?



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