Moving the discussion in LinkedIn

30 May
Which is the auto-response?

Which is the auto-response?

Yes, it was a holiday weekend, but this LinkedIn customer service response to a question was hard to distinguish from the auto-response that I received a few days before.

I put up a question on “Social Media Fail: Why do most news organizations simply use social media as a push vehicle?”

The question was moved by the LinkedIn administrator from Discussions to Jobs.

You told us you wanted a way to discuss job opportunities without cluttering the main conversation – now you can.

Share and discuss jobs with group members here. Like all discussion, it’s free. Etc.

Has anyone else received good or odd customer support from LinkedIn?

By the way here is the Social Media Today discussion.


One Response to “Moving the discussion in LinkedIn”

  1. Chris Rumpf May 31, 2009 at 10:46 am #

    At least your questions are getting posted. Every time I ask one, it’s automatically flagged for review, which, in Linkedin terms, I guess means that it’s relegated to LinkedIn Question Limbo for all of eternity…

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