Project Runway: JetBlue’s social media eyes in the sky

26 Jul

Place your product or service in front of as many eyeballs as possible, for the least amount of money? You could ‘celeb-up’ in traditional Hollywood fashion. Or you could go to where those eyeballs actually exist with social media.

JetBlue promoted its new route to LAX (via NewYork’s JFK and Boston’s Logan) by filling one of its aircraft with popular video bloggers.

JetBlue stuffed its BetaBlue plane (equipped with wireless internet access), with popular Howcast videographers and YouTube celebrities like Justine Ezarik, Kevin Nalts, Meghan Asha, and Delphine Dijon.

The bloggers all received a free cross-country flight and were simply asked to provide a friendly, transparent (disclosing the relationship) shout-out to JetBlue in whatever content they produced from the flight. The company planned to combine the quick and nimble word-of-mouth social media campaign with outdoor, radio and print campaigns.

Can you think of any other examples of airlines going viral in video?


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