Video beast: Feeding the appetite for raw media

6 Aug
Edit yourself for the Rice Chex or just eat the entire thing.

Edit yourself for the Rice Chex or just eat the entire thing.

As news (paper and TV) producers debate the turn-around time on stories and best options for short-term multimedia, consider long and raw multimedia.

Are time-consuming Flash interactives and heavily-edited videos the best option for news multimedia?

Social media platforms and news sites provide a starting point and a foundation for growing an idea. The news story that produced a fountain of water cooler talk invisibly connected to the original source now breeds links and comment fields online than extend its publication date. But does the time invested in that news video produce the feedback depth that publishers crave?

Raw video as placeholder

Videographer Adam Westbrook commenting on short-term multimedia options mused about the “appetite for raw multimedia” including “unedited footage of press conferences, speeches, original documents and photographs.”

For stressed news staffs fighting the clock, raw video is the placeholder and advance to the edited news story.

Does anyone actually do this, right now? Delivering facts as images with no explanation or commentary is No Comment TV, an excellent a la carte selection of raw news views to supplement any news diet.

Palin and Obama hubbubs

The next step for journalists (look forward to the windy discussions on the Poynter Institute website) is to secure credibility with unedited content that accompanies a crafted news story. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama video hubbubs sparked by out­-of-context issues and apparent misquoting can be assuaged with two pieces of video content – edited and unedited, side-by-side. News sites will deal with bandwidth issues, or kick the can to the video platform king, YouTube.

Who has time to wade through unedited content? Scan readers won’t. They’ll let a few in the long tail burden themselves with the bigger picture by providing analysis, creating timelines and mashing the raw video content. But the complete picture would be available.


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