Website content and the Soylent Green moment

12 Feb
Soylent Green moment: It's actually all made out of 'content.'

Soylent Green moment: It's all made out of 'content.'

Websites are all about content. Whether your website contains widgets, video, audio, images, quizzes, animations, or infographics, it is the text post that contains the chewy, searchable goodness.

The moment when you realize that text content is the main ingredient your Soylent Green moment – is when you must follow a playbook to help your readers get the most out of the content.

How to build a more efficient text post

  • Scannable text (highlight keywords with color and typeface variations)
  • Super sub-heads (not newspaper clever, no time to waste)
  • Inverted pyramid (clever newspaper idea, begin with conclusion)
  • One idea paragraphs (users will skip end of long paragraphs to next scannable item)
  • Less is more (cut the word count in half – then cut again)
  • Bulleted lists (like this one)

A brief well-constructed post provides an idea in text that is short enough that users will actually read it online. Detail and depth are layered with source material and links.

People are searching for the main ingredient in your text. Make it tasty.


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    […] Middle layer: Related links to more content or detail on this topic from your site. […]

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