2 questions about social media business options

2 Aug

Two questions about social media for businessDo you feel that all types of businesses should use social media to advertise their business? Or should it depend on the business?

Every business can jump into the social media space. Not every platform is appropriate. On a base level, every business can use social media for reputation management and to monitor basic brand mentions. Service providers and retailers might need a more robust presence and multiple platforms to reach their entire customer base.

Twitter is great for real time customer service. I have reached out to airlines and software companies on Twitter and received a response or resolution within a few minutes to a few hours.

Facebook is perfect for retail and extending and expanding the sales experience for customers. A brass rod or steel manufacturer does not necessarily need a Facebook page, but a utility might be use Twitter to announce rapidly changing commodity prices to their customers.

There is a social tool and network out there to fit your community (customers). A better way to describe it is that there is a social media ‘conversational style’ to fit every customer set.

Are there any more unique ideas for social media sites that haven’t been addressed yet? Or in other words are the social networking sites we have now it?

Specialty sites that focus on topic, interests and social sites that anticipate buyer intent and purchase. Facebook and other sites serve this functionality right now by serving up advertising content that matches favorites and likes, but I’m talking about something much more robust.

Bring on social sites that coordinate topics like Thai cooking, paintball, cocker spaniels, and powerboating. Sites will not only serve the appropriate ads but collect more players, collaborators, and news events. Social networks that will actively build out friends and tools to fine tune the topic.


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