Why we fight every day to make content special

16 Dec
Create great content

Why do we fight? To create great content every day.

Creating consistently good content for Facebook status posts, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn updates, YouTube videos and blog posts means repeating good patterns, dropping poor efforts and never settling for average.

When I discover good content it’s because:

  • I haven’t read this idea before.
  • I have seen this before, but you’ve organized it in a different, more appealing way.
  • The image catches my eye, but doesn’t trick me. Don’t be vulgar or crass because I’ll remember to avoid your content.
  • You’ve asked for my opinion or have called me to act.
  • The page has multiple headlines, images and bullet points. I’m bound to discover something in my F-pattern scan.
  • You’ve shared attribution or identified the content with a name I recognize.
  • Your recently created content is a perfect fit for my recently created content. You discovered my content through search and delivered your content at the right time.
  • I’ve discovered something unexpected. Thanks for making me slow down and learn something.
  • You’ve avoided clichés and overused memes that make me wince.
  • You are careful not to over distribute. Seeing a wave of content prompts me to set a pattern – that is overlooking your content.

When I discover good content I want to share it with others. What was the best thing you’ve noticed in the past week?


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