Starting conversations: Music business content strategy

17 Jan

Music business content strategySummary: Your music business needs to develop on content strategy. For this you need content, information and ideas about your products and services. Here is a list of good content ideas for your music business.

Your music business website, Facebook fan page, Twitter channel and YouTube channel need a consistent stream of unique content and conversation.  The road to building content runs through listening and monitoring. Follow customer conversations ( merchandise is a good place to start). Do you have anything to add? Build an editorial calendar (academic year for students, music festivals, Christmas gift giving) and fill it with ideas that will help customers and visitors learn and connect.

Resist the urge to broadcast. People want to learn something useful. If you can share useful content about you, your products and services, then that’s a bonus.

Here are some good ideas for content that music customers or visitors might find interesting. Try to hear the visitor repeating these headlines.

  • How can we get the most from our customer service department?
  • What is the easiest way to recommend an improvement to our service?
  • Upcoming coupons and offers for the next month.
  • We want to talk about music. Tell us how to contact you? Where?
  • Video: Here’s a tour of our instrument repair shop.
  • Video: Follow one instrument repair from start to finish.
  • Meet our employees and their instruments (photo gallery).
  • This is how to select your first instrument.
  • This is how to select your first upgrade instrument (and our trade-in policy).
  • How we handle disputes or complaints.
  • The economy is piling up costs and we have to share the burden.
  • 5 ways to customize your instrument/music order.
  • What we think is unique about us. Do you agree?

Image producing just of few of these ideas on a daily basis? Anchor this content on your content hub (website) and then share these ideas on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you bold enough to share some of this information? Do you have more ideas for a music business content strategy?


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