Social media and web ideas for faith groups

25 Feb

Social Media and faithPeople truly want to talk about their faith and communicate their blessings. Every weekend, some people update their status on Facebook and Twitter to say they are going to services and post reactions to homilies and discussions. Use your church’s website and social media platforms to host this discussion and encourage engagement.

SEO, website tasks, contact points

  • Make reaching new people one of the primary tasks of your website. To be effective, your website needs to rank well in search engines for a wide variety of keywords. Try searching for your own church and topics related to your church. Note the alternate search terms and keywords that Google produces. Note the search terms that discover similar websites and social media pages. Improve the metadata on your website.
  • To attract new people to your church your website should have some way for you to keep in touch with those visitors. A great way to do that is by having an email newsletter or a contact form for visitors. Make contact another primary task on your website.
  • Make the share buttons to your social media platforms obvious and easy to find. Repeat share buttons on interior pages and on your contact page.

Educate your community with a blog

  • Your ministry’s website or Facebook page can help you gain disciples. The website should have an active blog. Produce a series of blog posts to explain your faith, your faith’s organizational structure, your activities, services and outreach to curious people. Build good, solid content that identifies your ministry. This great organic content should brand yourself, your staff, your parishioners and your community in the posts.

Blend Social Media with your message

Social media is here to stay and the volume on channels like Facebook produce fields ripe for harvest. Some religious ministries are observed with a dose of skepticism by people in the community. Social media sites are primarily about building trust.

  • Publish informative status posts about your ministry and what God is doing around you on a regular basis.
  • Monitor for Spam and errant comments, but be real in your responses, share your personality, build trust in people that want to belong and want to see the real face behind the ministry.
  • Ask others to answer questions on the Facebook Fan page. Allow people to help others
  • Publish Facebook Notes. These can be short blog posts that you can tag with Facebook fans. You can also attach photos and style the text. Facebook Notes come up in search results (especially Bing) and you can also enable an RSS feed of this information.

Introduce your leaders and staff

  • Your church website and social media sites can raise the profiles of your staff and leaders. Make a connection with a large group of followers. If your religious staff and lay people can produce a regular column to post on your church website, then more people will begin to know who they are. As they become more recognizable in your community, so then will your church.

Do you know of any other ways to improve communication for churches and ministries?






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