Content strategy for personal branding checklist

7 Apr
People build different kinds of content for different people.

Photo from The Library of Congress - Build the right content hubs. They will be your anchors.

Build your personal brand with content strategy. Introduce yourself without a business card or resume with content that tells people exactly what you’re passionate about. Tell me a story. Your content must be three things to tell your brand’s story effectively:

  • Friendly
  • Honest
  • Consistent

Research the best places to anchor your content, build content hubs to anchor your content, create unique, nimble and usable content, then curate and share your ideas.


Introduce yourself in social media, listen, ask advice, and comment on others.

  • Calibrate (Practice engagement, build your tribe)
  • Realize usability (How do I read, act on content)
  • Keywords (Note how people search)


Place your content online where people will find it.

  • Build the right content hubs (Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn)
  • Become an active member of groups and networks
  • Use analytics for benchmarks (Insights, Hootsuite)


Build different kinds of content for different people.

  • Unique stories (background detail, anecdotes)
  • Quick and nimble (brevity, people scan)
  • Usable info (thank you, I’ll be back)


Weed and feed. Give your precious content life.

  • Revise and improve (How can more people discover this?)
  • Share and circulate (Does my idea mesh with others)
  • Keep building (Don’t stop creating)
Continued to be inspired by Ahava Leibtag. Thinking of ways to make her wonderful Creating Valuable Content Checklist better.

What would you add to this list?


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