Basic social media explanation

11 May
Social Media core groups

Library of Congress Photo - When someone in your core social group comments on something that you’re interested in that affirmation comes with “social credibility.”

Traditional media broadcasts to very large groups of people hoping that a small percentage of that group responds to their appeal.

When I think about social media I think about a theoretical limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships.  

How many people can you share one additional piece of identifying info? “Oh, I know Janeile, she’s a member of Social Media Breakfast Toledo. Yes, I know Michael, his wife’s name is Amy and they own a small business.”

Dunbar’s Number and your tribe

Dunbar’s Number identifies your core tribe. The number lies somewhere around 100-230. Let’s say 150.

That’s your core social group – 150. When someone in your core social group comments on something that you’re interested in that affirmation comes with “social credibility.” Michael and I are former co-workers. We’ve spent time together, we’ve had lunches.” His comment, appraisal or review of something is elevated by our relationship.

Now Michael has 150 friends in his core. And Janeile is a friend of both Michael and I and she has 150 friends in her core. Now you can see how these social cores can extend indefinitely out to the same range as the big media broadcasters and beyond. My friends and Janeile’s friends and Michael’s friends and all of our friends and their friends add up.

Core on steroids

Now take a good solid social core and put it on steroids? Social Networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn allow you to develop and strengthen this core group. When you reveal information and insight your core rewards you. It’s good to be affirmed by our social group. This is who we feel comfortable asking questions and making statements and sharing photos and links and ideas.

That’s the power of social media – affirmation, credibility, knowledge. My group makes me smarter and faster. My group has my back.

Can your business provide this type of customer support? Can you make me smarter and faster? Will you watch my back after the sale?


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