List of content marketing tactics

6 Jun
Types of content in content marketing

Photo – Library of Congress
Content marketing editorial teams have daily options: create a quick news angle or select content from a content inventory. You’ve created great content, now use it.

You understand why content marketing is so damn important and what content marketers do, let’s look at what exactly is content.

What is this ‘content’ you speak of?’ What are the most popular content marketing tactics (how do I view or use your message?):

  • Share your message on social media (status, tweet, etc)
  • Post an article
  • Stage an event (and produce more content from it)
  • Produce a blog
  • Produce a video
  • Produce an e-newsletter
  • Produce a case study
  • Produce a white paper
  • Produce a webinar or webcast
  • Submit an article to print magazines
  • Promote your content in traditional (print, TV, radio, billboard) media
  • Produce a microsite
  • Produce a print newsletter
  • Produce a research report
  • Produce a podcast
  • Produce an article in a digital magazine
  • Produce a message for mobile (SMS, TXT campaign)
  • Produce a virtual conference
  • Produce an eBook

Next post: Content marketers know people and content – now, the timing on the delivery of that content to people.

KC’s Content Marketing series

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  4. List of content marketing tactics
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3 Responses to “List of content marketing tactics”

  1. Allen Mireles (@allenmireles) June 6, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    Kevin, I would add produce a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation (not that I’m a fan of those products or of confining your thought process to the brevity needed for Powerpoint–but people use those tools a lot). Add to Slideshare and to your Linkedin profile. And create visuals to accompany the content (if none exist) so that people notice what you have created and shared, Given the chaos of our daily lives online adding vibrant imagery can really help your content stand out.

  2. klcesarz June 6, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    Good point. Forgot about those presents. What do you think of Sharepoint, Allen. I’ve used it a few times. Easy share.


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