Content cooking: Filet of post with leftovers

4 Jul
Content inventory desserts

The desserts in your content inventory are the well-crafted content that would be appropriate to reference or recycle when it tastes good (trending in the news cycle).

Joan Canning’s guest column in the Toledo Free Press on the complexity of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was so good that it deserved a second publishing cycle and a look at a simple content distribution action.

The Toledo Free Press circulated the 700 word article in its May print and online editions. Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still a trending topic on Google Trends let’s share the good word on our content hub (blog or main website) and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

Main course: Content Hub

Joan summarized the article on her content hub, her blog HR Advocate, which guides employers through the complexities of employment regulations. The summary on HR Advocate then directed readers to the original source.

Side dishes: Social Channels

She then created a status post on HR Advocate’s Facebook fan page for followers who would not be exposed to the Free Press article but would see the link summary on Facebook.

Moving on to HR Advocate’s Twitter channel, she shared detail on the original article and accompanying information in several tweets.

Having set up automatic posting from the HR Advocate Twitter channel, Joan’s LinkedIn followers were exposed to her excellent content as well via a status post on her LinkedIn profile.

Dessert: Content Inventory

Joan had created a YouTube video on the ACA for the beginning of this year on the HR Advocate’s YouTube channel. With ever-changing regulations affecting the decisions of the small and medium sized businesses that Joan serves, she updated detail in the video – What’s new with the Affordable Care Act in 2012 – in April.

Since she had tackled the same subject (ACA) from a different angle in June – Health care mandate tramples religious liberty – she made sure to link to her earlier efforts and follow the same pattern of sharing her excellent content on her content hub and social channels.

Joan now has these elements (the two articles and the YouTube video) in her content inventory or content matrix, which will come in handy to reference or recycle when the topic peaks again (as it undoubtedly will in this election cycle).

The original article was distributed in print, online publication, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and that was before sharing and cross linking to other related items in Joan’s content inventory. Great content moved and consumed efficiently with leftovers.


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