Content Marketing image lists

12 Dec
Architizer website image list example

Architizer is a great image list example.

Seeing a lot of content marketing lately organized in a Pinterest-like pattern (Behance, Architizer, Ford Social).  Image lists provide that easy, soft entry point to what the user is actually there for – the content.

Yes, people go to websites to read about stories, and discover answers to their questions. Images and infographics are a big part of that process.

Make sure that you have some of these content ideas in your content inventory and editorial calendar: image entry points that tell your story (and that are very sharable).

  • Build image lists that show failure (mold damage, wear damaged parts)
  • Build image lists that show success (product glamour shots – include a user/customer)
  • Build link list that show best practices/resources (establish yourself as a curator)
  • Day-In-The-Life: Tracking trend/topic with Storify (show realtime, always on)
  • Teach navigation/familiarity (screen captures, illustrations to show exactly where content lives)

If you were online looking for information each of these would provide answers to your questions.

Anything that caught your eye lately that led you to great information?


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