Content Marketing is like a mini publishing empire

18 Sep
Example of too much content

The biggest threat to content marketing is too much content marketing.

If your goals are to connect your ideas with your customers, and to connect in an authoritative and credible way, and to control your own publishing schedule, then you should create a mini publishing empire and realize those goals.

So now, marketers and businesses finally have the tools to publish to their heart’s content. Ready, Set, Go. Follow us. Friend Us. Connect with us. Content. Content. Content. Publish like crazy.

With all this content marketing freedom comes the biggest threat to your mini publishing empire. The biggest threat to content marketing is too much content marketing.

Careful, exploding content

Yes, content marketing has exploded. Actually, mentions of content marketing have exploded, much like an unattended pot of spaghetti sauce.

But if your mini publishing empire is to be successful and really leave its content mark, it will have to produce content that really helps people do their jobs. We’re talking about great ideas that both entertain, and inform. The kind of content that makes people say “I’ve just been subjected to multiple examples of muck, but this isn’t muck, why, I’m not just relieved, I’m delighted.”

You are battling not just to build a strong content mark but to separate yourself from the swill. The weak content will initially look a whole lot like the good stuff. All those snappy titles and headlines, come-hither subtitles, bright, shiny, candy-like buttons. Oh, you want to, you want to.

To bolster my case for you creating a mini publishing empire and leaving a content mark I will talk about the principals that make great content: the content user, authority, the length of the path and passion.

See you at the University of Toledo Internet Marketing Conference on October 1.

Kevin Cesarz is the Digital Strategy Leader for Communica and the former Web Editor of The Blade. His current restricted diet limits him to 1,200 mentions of content per day.


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