Focus key elements of your landing page

13 Feb

Landing page exampleSummary: A landing page is a specific page on a website crafted for visitors and designed to achieve a marketing outcome (and we love outcomes, don’t we?). Any exposure to branding (TV/billboard/trade) will prompt consideration (search for website info – dates, times, prices and extra activities) and affirmation (checking social media for opinions). The campaign landing page focuses interest while being supported by branding and other navigation.

Top 10 elements (and absolute essentials) I track on every landing page:

  1. Headline – Clear, simple, supports nonline efforts in print, trade media *
  2. Sub-headline – No marketing, supports search accuracy
  3. Benefits – Why does it matter? Applications make most sense to user. **
  4. Primary Calls-To-Action – Above fold
  5. Features – Short bulleted list supporting Benefits
  6. Customer Examples/Proof – Short text and image (if possible); specific to product if possible
  7. Success Examples/Proof – Awards and recognition
  8. Navigation – To decrease bounce rates. This is now the homepage. Can user navigate?
  9. Supporting Image – Must clearly indicate the offer (video or image) – no stock images
  10. Content Offer – Whitepaper, eBook or Guide
  11. Resources – 96 percent of visitors are not ready to buy (consideration mode) Link to resource center to learn more.
  12. Secondary calls to action: Bottom of page opportunity to call out realtime (social) media channels





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