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Look for craggy rocks and cellar doors

3 Jan
Looking for craggy rocks and cellar doors.

Photo credit: Jellaluna

Always loved the quiet of cellar door. It’s a phrase that along with the proper typeface can fill a space on its own. I’m looking to fill less space in the coming year, to fine tune writing and curation.

We need to hear our own ideas and slowly roll them out. Let others scanning at a less-fevered pace enjoy, be inspired and springboard with their best return offering.

I’m full of the scandle whistle, full of the train-wreck pace of the presidential horse race, so full of television punditry, reality and commercial format. I’m looking for quarter notes, very high or low gears, a master’s stroke or gesture in slow-motion.

Looking for craggy rocks and cellar doors.


Visualizing the chatter: Original Conversation Prism

28 Apr


Social Media Prism

Social Media Prism

Seeing the space in one digestible chunk with the Original Conversation Prism helps organize and make sense of the great swath of social media tools that are available.

Like the ability of athletes to see the field, you need to be totally aware of your surroundings. Hence, more handy tools like the Periodic Table of the Social Media Elements by Rick Liebling.


 You should find yourself somewhere in the middle with a roadmap for your return.