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Essential content includes video

14 Jul
Storytelling video e-book

Essential Content – Video helps explain our passion for content creation and storytelling video.

Ever since Lorrie (MrElshMedia) and I caught a glimpse of our first well-done e-book on David Meerman Scott’s WebInkNow we have been pining for the opportunity to actually produce our own.

Essential Content – Video is anchored on Lorrie’s website to help explain our passion for content creation and storytelling video.

After exiting the news industry (the hard way) in 2009, we began thinking about how much truly mediocre content was out there. Not just poorly written or edited, but lifeless appeals for attention. With so many questions to be answered, how could there be so much chaff en route to the target?

Our vow is to help people tell their story by focusing on:

  • Quick and nimble content: Please get to the point and explain yourself with a lead (one lesson retained from journalism).
  • Useful, usable, and share-able content: Can I help at least one other person answer a question or solve a problem?
  • Unique content: Reference or comment on other content, but mash it, poke it, and add your imprint to make it better.

Let Lorrie and Kevin know how you like it and if you can use it to make better content.


Hungry? Creating delicious content

3 May

mrelshmedia social media and content strategyLorrie Cesarz and MrElshMedia designed and launched a new blog for the Savage and Associates Health and Wellness team. The blog – Wellness Speaks – helps members of Toledo agency learn how to improve their health through wellness information, healthy recipes and detail on upcoming health events.

MrElshMedia supplied a content strategy and web writing suggestions to build an honest, friendly and consistent stream of usable information including a review of community lunch spots and details on their healthiest menu choices. Reviewing the smart choices on a menu produces better results that making a quick, poor choice like a double cheese burger, fries and a Coke.

The branded content on the SavageFit blog helps Savage and Associates highlight more than just its specialty of insurance and financial planning.

Facebook Fan page format change – surprise

11 Feb
MrElshMedia storytelling video new

New format Facebook Fan page for MrElshMedia

In the middle of my explanation to a friend as to why Facebook did not allow Fan pages to comment on other Fan pages – surprise, Facebook introduced its new Facebook fan page formats (Feb. 10).

You’ll find the Facebook Fan page design is almost identical to personal profiles now, and the ability of a Facebook Fan page administrator to comment as their Fan page on another Fan page is the key feature.

As today’s social tribes become much more interested in the filter of their trusted team members, family and friends, watch business websites optimize their social media delivery as much if not more than their search engine optimization.

Here’s the skinny on the changes:

Photo Showcase

Your most recent posted or tagged photos appear across the top. No fan photos – you control the summary.

Navigation – Stage Left

Info and tabs to the left, exactly like on personal profiles.

Two Fan Page wall filters

Show top Fan page wall posts or top posts from everyone. Set a default filter for your Wall via the Edit Page.

Interact as a Fan page

The best part is that you now have the flexibility to interact with other areas of Facebook as a page.

  • You can view notifications when fans interact with Fan page posts
  • See activity from the pages you like in your news feed
  • Like other pages and feature them on your page
  • Make comments as your page on other pages

Take a tour Facebook Fan pages

See the new upgrade here at MrElshMedia. The upgrade is optional until March 1, when all Fan pages will convert to the new style according to Facebook.

Storytelling video series was a Flip and a long walk

26 Nov

We dipped into the Grand Canyon at the North Rim and about 27 miles and four days later emerged on the South Rim with some great web content. Lorrie (MrElshMedia) and I were armed with a 14.4 ounce Flip Mino HD and an 8 ounce Sony Cyber-shot (8.1 mega pixel). We nursed the two hour charge of the 8GB Flip for four days, conserving video shots to hold a reserve for the South Rim exit.

We ended up using Cyber-shot video (using all of the 512MB memory stick) near the top of the South Rim to finish with 2:00 of Flip video.

A portion of the content strategy was to answer questions for other backpackers that we had when preparing for the trip. What I found online was randomly ordered video and text content about the Grand Canyon experience. Most of this content was poorly indentified, lacked place names, dates and proper tagging. What we thought would be helpful was showing what spots like Plateau Point looked like, where this place was in relation to other map points, and adding National Park Service, lodging, dining and shuttle info.

All MrElshMedia storytelling video was edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10. MPEG-2 HD files were uploaded to YouTube.

Find all five stories in the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim series here:

Lorrie and I have also shared these ideas and results on the MrElshMedia Facebook fan page, MrElshMedia website and MrElshMedia Twitter channel.

Seussical webmercial: Horton gets a head start

19 Aug

MrElshMedia’s webmercial for Sylvania (Ohio) Northview High School theatre program was edited in Sony Vegas. Add narration combined with our Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone and Sony ACID Pro 4.0 and Horton, the Elephant and his mates use social media for a running start toward the upcoming production.

Seussical, The Musical, is coming to Sylvania  this November 6, 7, and 8. The Northview Theatre production is an amalgamation of many of Seuss’s most famous books. Northview put on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 2008. For 2009 ticket information – http://northviewtheatre.org/ or Northview Theatre’s Facebook page.