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Content cooking: Filet of post with leftovers

4 Jul
Content inventory desserts

The desserts in your content inventory are the well-crafted content that would be appropriate to reference or recycle when it tastes good (trending in the news cycle).

Joan Canning’s guest column in the Toledo Free Press on the complexity of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was so good that it deserved a second publishing cycle and a look at a simple content distribution action.

The Toledo Free Press circulated the 700 word article in its May print and online editions. Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still a trending topic on Google Trends let’s share the good word on our content hub (blog or main website) and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

Main course: Content Hub

Joan summarized the article on her content hub, her blog HR Advocate, which guides employers through the complexities of employment regulations. The summary on HR Advocate then directed readers to the original source.

Side dishes: Social Channels

She then created a status post on HR Advocate’s Facebook fan page for followers who would not be exposed to the Free Press article but would see the link summary on Facebook.

Moving on to HR Advocate’s Twitter channel, she shared detail on the original article and accompanying information in several tweets.

Having set up automatic posting from the HR Advocate Twitter channel, Joan’s LinkedIn followers were exposed to her excellent content as well via a status post on her LinkedIn profile.

Dessert: Content Inventory

Joan had created a YouTube video on the ACA for the beginning of this year on the HR Advocate’s YouTube channel. With ever-changing regulations affecting the decisions of the small and medium sized businesses that Joan serves, she updated detail in the video – What’s new with the Affordable Care Act in 2012 – in April.

Since she had tackled the same subject (ACA) from a different angle in June – Health care mandate tramples religious liberty – she made sure to link to her earlier efforts and follow the same pattern of sharing her excellent content on her content hub and social channels.

Joan now has these elements (the two articles and the YouTube video) in her content inventory or content matrix, which will come in handy to reference or recycle when the topic peaks again (as it undoubtedly will in this election cycle).

The original article was distributed in print, online publication, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and that was before sharing and cross linking to other related items in Joan’s content inventory. Great content moved and consumed efficiently with leftovers.


Build a better college newspaper website

21 Oct

Nationaal Archief

Here’s a checklist of online adjustments and guidance for a better college newspaper website. Change is difficult for newspapers. There are learning curves and time management issues in making these changes, but muscle up and get these done and get your dying newsprint a suitable online channel.

Content Management

  • BBC headlines: Look to bbc.com for guidance on well done news content and presentation. These are excellent examples to follow of keyword forward, densely descriptive but brief headlines. Print headlines do not transition well to online. Snappy headlines that provide information scent (leading people via searches to information results).
  • Direct me to useful information: Not everything is a news story or an enterprise piece. Create content that summarizes stories and group infographics, photos and video. Guide To, How-To, Complete List, etc. is content that people need, want and search for all the time. Anchor this evergreen content in a prominent place on your website and Facebook tabs.
  • Make sure that your RSS feeds are useful. Find a setting in your website’s content management system that not only provides the RSS feed code but links it to the option to add to RSS readers. I’m probably not going to copy the code leave your site and add it to my reader as it is set up currently. Make it one click.
  • Repurpose signed comments from users in a prominent place on the homepage. Anonymous doesn’t cut it. If someone is willing to sign a descriptive username then reward that user with a Comment of the Week feature (with crosslink to the original story). Crosslinks are key – outbound/inbound.
  • PDFs of complete news product: Great (I guess), for a quick scan of the news product and display, but advertisers expect added value and should have a link from their ad. Help your advertisers out.
  • All stories need images (entry points), calls to action (what do I do next?), and crosslinks and other info. Every URL shared on Twitter or Facebook is an introduction to your product. Why stop there?

Facebook for college newspapers

There is typically little engagement on college news Facebook pages. Readers comments on stories to no response. You will gain no value from social media unless you speak to followers. Engage.

Explain coverage: Demystify the news gathering process. Introduce your writers and editors and explain your operation. Tell your story about how you tell stories. This is a great recruiting tool and an opportunity to share with a wider audience.

Follow other people and fan pages: Try to use the @ symbol in all of your status posts. Put your idea and brand on other Facebook fan pages. The @College_Newspaper learned a lot from reporter @SusanMurphy’s visit to @BigUMedicalCenter and @BigUBusinessSchool. Look for stories in the next issue.

Shout out to your follows on the Facebook wall. Use the toggle as fan page administrator to post as both the admin and your personal profile to the your page’s wall. Note the support, interests of friends this way. @Jason Allen probably wasn’t happy with the result of this weekend’s @BigUFootball game, but we have the details on the upcoming game.

YouTube/LinkedIn for college newspapers

Don’t forget your other channels. Complete all profiles with full description and branding. Your YouTube channel needs custom background and profile, while your LinkedIn channel needs a custom profile image.

Twitter for college newspapers

Build source lists on Twitter. Sync your coverage, contacts and followers into your Twitter stream. Spend a little more time to build a better list of followers. Research keywords and geo references related to your university and rake in all sources connected to your university (and competitors, as well). Reporters can ask questions; propose story ideas and crowd source info. Twitter is a listening tool. Use it as a news gathering tool.

It’s expensive to produce that print product. Begin planning your escape plan immediately. Great usable, timely and authoritative information will never go out of style. Find new packaging.

Building personal brand with Johnny Cash

17 Apr
This is a Johnny Cash area

Welcome. Johnny Cash zone.

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.

Don’t you wish you had an intro like that? Simple, stern and elegant. As the text fades you can hear the baritone, smell the menace, and feel the swagger of that calling card.

That’s a brand . . . built with content, experience, reputation, and style.

Build your personal brand step-by-step so that you can deliver your message in as few words as possible.

  • Your content cache details your professional passion. Your blog is your main thought leadership platform. Express yourself. Tell me in detail how you think, how you build, tell me of your successes, your failures. Analyze and critique the ideas of others. Be playful in tone, shift gears, be the angry God and vent in a thoughtful way. Be honest. Find a fresh way to describe what you love to read, talk and think about. Practice often delivering your message in long form.
  • Your outposts are social media platforms that you maintain like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. You share great ideas and links here and maintain themes and ideas from your content cache. You engage others with a similar interest. You build them up and challenge them – this makes everyone better. You’re a good neighbor. You share your power tools. Practice often sharing your message and ideas in shorter form.
  • Your elevator speech is the condensed version of your reputation, experience, and goals. Prepare a 90-second, 30-second and one-line version to share your brand. Don’t be a billboard. Create a fresh but serious sliver of what makes you unique in your category. If it’s not reTweetable, try again.

If you’ve developed your content cache and your outposts then this shortest delivery is backed by that same ringing baritone.

Raw video: Making something out of nothing

7 Jan

What would possess men to leave a nice warm poker game and venture out into the elements? This softball rivalry began over a poker game in 1937 in Elyria, Ohio and has spanned three generations to settle a dispute. The wisdom of settling the matter in January instead of waiting until June is debated each year during post-game festivities at the United Polish Club in Elyria.

Is this raw HD video visually worthy? Lorrie Cesarz decided to frame it with context and tell a story.

We struggled with two failed uploads to the MrElshMedia YouTube channel before noticing that the M2TS file format was for Blu-ray video. The HD video ended up in a MPEG-2 container and all was well.

Ukrainian sand story is singularly special

30 Aug

Kseniya Simonova gets her message across by ‘performing’ amazing sand animation for Ukraine’s Got Talent.

Simonova recounts the German invasion and occupation of Ukraine in 1941, for which she won the 1,000,000 hryvnia prize (about $125,000 US).

Knowing that Germany conquered and occupied Ukraine between September 1941 and March helps to explain the audience’s tearful reactions to some of the images that seem obscure.

The Liveleak long version is worth the extra four minutes.

Seussical webmercial: Horton gets a head start

19 Aug

MrElshMedia’s webmercial for Sylvania (Ohio) Northview High School theatre program was edited in Sony Vegas. Add narration combined with our Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone and Sony ACID Pro 4.0 and Horton, the Elephant and his mates use social media for a running start toward the upcoming production.

Seussical, The Musical, is coming to Sylvania  this November 6, 7, and 8. The Northview Theatre production is an amalgamation of many of Seuss’s most famous books. Northview put on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in 2008. For 2009 ticket information – http://northviewtheatre.org/ or Northview Theatre’s Facebook page.

Video beast: Feeding the appetite for raw media

6 Aug
Edit yourself for the Rice Chex or just eat the entire thing.

Edit yourself for the Rice Chex or just eat the entire thing.

As news (paper and TV) producers debate the turn-around time on stories and best options for short-term multimedia, consider long and raw multimedia.

Are time-consuming Flash interactives and heavily-edited videos the best option for news multimedia?

Social media platforms and news sites provide a starting point and a foundation for growing an idea. The news story that produced a fountain of water cooler talk invisibly connected to the original source now breeds links and comment fields online than extend its publication date. But does the time invested in that news video produce the feedback depth that publishers crave?

Raw video as placeholder

Videographer Adam Westbrook commenting on short-term multimedia options mused about the “appetite for raw multimedia” including “unedited footage of press conferences, speeches, original documents and photographs.”

For stressed news staffs fighting the clock, raw video is the placeholder and advance to the edited news story.

Does anyone actually do this, right now? Delivering facts as images with no explanation or commentary is No Comment TV, an excellent a la carte selection of raw news views to supplement any news diet.

Palin and Obama hubbubs

The next step for journalists (look forward to the windy discussions on the Poynter Institute website) is to secure credibility with unedited content that accompanies a crafted news story. Sarah Palin and Barack Obama video hubbubs sparked by out­-of-context issues and apparent misquoting can be assuaged with two pieces of video content – edited and unedited, side-by-side. News sites will deal with bandwidth issues, or kick the can to the video platform king, YouTube.

Who has time to wade through unedited content? Scan readers won’t. They’ll let a few in the long tail burden themselves with the bigger picture by providing analysis, creating timelines and mashing the raw video content. But the complete picture would be available.