Case for no auto-play video or audio

18 May
Auto-play video cat

A polydactyl cat strongly reacting to auto-play video on a website.

Audio-play video or audio will immediately get a website added to negative usability example lists, incessant mocking, as well as, post-dating the website (what is this, 2002?). The major reasons for avoiding auto-play are:

  • Screen Readers: Usability annoyance (especially for handicapped/blind users)
  • People already listening to music
  • Users viewing page in an office setting

Auto-play media went out of fashion in 1998-2002 when more developers started to pay attention to their analytics and noticed that users bounced in droves when encountering auto-play (video or audio).

The correct way to display audio or video content is to introduce user to this content on a landing page (images, text and link) or your homepage and then allow the user to determine whether they will click on and play the media.

Need another opinion?

Auto-play is annoying.
Auto-play is really annoying.
Jakob Nielsen thinks it’s annoying.


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